Finding-Pony-cover-frontFinding Pony

Release: September 1, 2015

Kids in Bravo Hills trailer park usually have to grow up fast, and fifteen-year-old Jesse Sampson is no exception. With a meth addict for a mom and a drug dealer for a stepdad, Jesse spends most nights taking care of his sister, Pony. But when the cops arrest his mom for a mini-mart robbery gone wrong, Jesse hides his sister under a pile of dirty clothes and escapes through a window. In the morning, he finds his mom and stepdad arrested, and Pony gone.

And due to a botched drug deal, she may also be in danger.

Scared, homeless, and desperate to find her, Jesse sets off on a trek that sends him from dusty rural back roads to the  drug-infested streets of Los Angeles. He must dodge drug dealers, gangs, cops, and social workers as he searches to find Pony and ultimately, himself.



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